Transformative Growth in the Age of Permacrisis

A workshop for C suites and personnel


Permacrisis: an extended period of instability and insecurity resulting in a reduction in
most people’s personal drives to make the world better from their place in the working economy.

Gallup recently concluded that we are facing a pandemic of mental health problems.

How can we turn the tide of negative performance trends in business?

By inspiring a new view of the world and of the individual, built upon traditional human values as seen in a new light.



Practical new tools and processes in:

      • the C suite
      • the total organization
      • all communications with customers both current and potential.

The first step is a two-hour webinar with the C suite, covering these three areas.


There has never been a workshop like this one

      • Operational methods to achieve a high-performance Flow state team.
      • The new social compact between employer and employee.
      • Optimizing short- and long-term return on marketing.
      • Becoming One with the community.

The entire workforce can become inspired. Leadership can opt to share parts or the full workshop with all personnel. A suggestions manual can be distributed electronically to the whole team. A video program of methods of increasing personal effectiveness can also be shared with all employees.

About Bill Harvey

About Chaim Oren

Bill Harvey has invented many of the existing structures in the new media industry, including set top box data, deterministic big data based ROI measurement, addressable commercials. Bill has been an acknowledged leader in working with top industry associations who have been eager for his inputs.
     Many in the marketing field have also become followers of Harvey’s work in Human Intelligence, metacognition, and consciousness.
    Through his Sponsorship Effectiveness Index, Harvey helped jumpstart the field of branded content as a new and more powerful form of advertising. These new viewpoints are relevant to all businesses and need to receive attention at the C suite level, hence this new workshop.

Chaim Oren is an international wellbeing expert, keynote speaker and  Brand Ambassador for Hintsa Performance, a global leader in the field of wellbeing and human performance. 
     He has 30 years' experience  working for leading US advertising and PR agencies such
as Y&R and Ruder Finn.  He consulted with Fortune 500 companies such as: Avon US, Capital Holding Corporation, Kraft General Foods and others. He also served as the CEO of Tupperware’s branch in Israel (NASDAQ TUPP) and later managed the office of Jupiter Research (NASDAQ FORR) in Tel Aviv. Later Chaim served as the Commercial Representative for the State of Connecticut in Israel, responsible for establishing a relationship between the high technology sectors of both countries.