Speculation Aimed at Prevention of Future Pandemics

Posted March 30, 2020
Updated April 6, 2020

The human race will ultimately focus on why the COVID-19 crisis is happening and how to stop the next virus mutation pandemic in the future, even before it starts, cutting it off at its roots.

I predict that this will involve the cessation of deforestation and its resulting general forced exodus of species. When a species which has developed a relative immunity to a specific virus is forced to move, it will lead to this. Like bats, whose disease probably leaped to the Chinese armored anteater, and then to us.

The excellent article in Nature shared by Steven Millman which led me to thinking about this.

Where did I get the deforestation/forced exodus idea?

Stay well, stay present, Bill

Addendum added April 6, 2020:

My hunch turned out to be right: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/the-next-pandemic-is-already-coming-unless-humans-change-how-we-interact-with-wildlife-scientists-say/ar-BB12907c