Counter Attack Viruses with Antiviruses

Posted May 22, 2020

It’s good that our greatest scientific minds are vigorously at work developing vaccines. However, we should not be exclusively researching defensive weapons. It’s time to begin working on offensive weapons against viruses. The human race must invent antiviruses. Antiviruses which do to viruses what viruses do to us: bond to the virus and turn it into a factory which produces antiviruses.

We now have the genome. Let’s use it to counterattack. Some of our best RNA scientists have to peel off and embrace this challenge. All viruses are extensions of RNA.

Apparently RNA developed into DNA and into viruses. DNA developed into self-reproducing lifeforms. RNA developed into parasitic non-self-reproducing zombies capable of taking over living tissue.

This is an interspecies war. It’s The Walking Dead, in real life, and real death. In war, thinking only defensively is bad strategy.

corona virus

Coronaviruses are driven to self-replicate by merging with living cells, therefore the antivirus must appear to be a living cell so as to attract coronaviruses. One strategy is to make them living cells, although this is ethically wrong on some level. Ideally the antivirus should also be a nonliving cell.

The antivirus therefore needs to do three things:

      1. Attract viruses, especially those of the coronavirus SARS-MERS-COVID-19 or ebolavirus varieties (list to be later extended).
      2.  Wait until the coronavirus bonds to the antivirus so as to turn it into a factory producing coronaviruses, and using the same mechanism, funnel the process into producing more antiviruses while producing no viruses whatsoever.
      3. The antivirus must have no capability to directly or through mutation act against the self-interest of actual lifeforms. This is the most important requirement. Human interventions in nature to date have famously backfired. The most likely outcome of this recommendation – on a linear projection – is that antiviruses will be even worse for the human race – and so that must be constantly held in mind while developing the antivirus.

Respectfully submitted for consideration, refinement, and accomplishment.

Here’s to life – l’chaim!

PS – Lest this sound like a condemnation of RNA, it isn’t intended that way. RNA came first and made DNA possible, then the two worked together to create what we call life on Earth.